The objectives of IACIS are to promote international cooperation among colloid and interface scientists and to encourage advancement and understanding in the field of colloid and interface science. There are two ways in which the IACIS aims to achieve this:

(1)   Sponsoring of conferences in the field of colloid and interface science

(2)   By awarding travel bursaries to persons with limited other means of financial support for travel

1. Sponsoring of conferences

Apart from the three-yearly IACIS Conference, IACIS sponsors other conferences in the area of colloid and interface science without direct financial contribution. 

Sponsored conferences may use the IACIS label in advertising and the conference will appear at the IACIS website and in the Newsletter. IACIS members should be offered a reduced conference fee.

The bursary scheme is the responsibility of the Immediate Past President, currently being prof. Reinhard Miller. For more information and application contact Reinhard.

2. Travel bursaries

To attend the triennial IACIS conferences a number of travel bursaries will be available, with a maximum of € 1000 per person per trip, primarily to pay for the travel expenses to the conference. The sum awarded to any one applicant may well be less than this amount, depending on the travel involved, and, of course, applicants will be expected to find other sources of finance in addition, and to declare any other funding sources they have approached and the outcome of these where known or in due course.

Application Conditions

Please note the following conditions before applying, which you will be asked to agree to on the application form:

  • You must be a current member of IACIS, or apply separately for IACIS membership at the time of submitting your application. If you are a PhD student, it is sufficient for your supervisor to be an IACIS member. (Note that the cost of membership is considerably less than any award you may receive!).
  • Only persons who have a genuine need for financial aid should apply, for example, persons from developing countries or young academics or PhD students with limited other means of financial support for travel.
  • You must be an active participant in the meeting, either giving a talk or a poster. If you do not know whether you have been allocated a presentation at the meeting  (i.e. a talk or poster), at the time of application, your application may be carried over until you are able to make this confirmation.
  • Only money to assist with travel will be awarded. Travel must be by the cheapest possible route, e.g. APEX fares on airlines or trains. We are not able to support local costs (such as accommodation or subsistence), pay registration fees or travel insurance.
  • You must agree to declare any other sources of income you have received, applied for or intend to apply for, and the outcomes of such awards (if known or in due course). Failure to do so would not only disadvantage yourself regarding the award of any future bursary, but also colleagues from your Institute. IACIS only has limited resources, so obviously wishes to allocate these to those most in need.
  • Any award made must only be used for the purpose stated in the application, and by the applicant. The award is not transferable. Any unused money should be returned to IACIS.

Application Procedure

If you agree to the above conditions, then please fill in the application form that is available here and submit it by e-mail to Reinhard Miller.

The next conference for which travel bursaries will be available is the 17th IACIS Conference (IACIS2021) that will be held in Brisbane, Australia. The deadline for application will be announced on the homepages of IACIS and IACIS2021.Decisions, based on applications received, will be made by the IACIS Standing Committee; the IACIS Travel Bursary program is led by the Immediate Past-President of IACIS, currently Reinhard Miller.
Payment will be made by bank transfer as soon as is practically possible, after the award is granted, to enable travel tickets to be purchase as far in advance as possible to obtain APEX fares, etc.