The IACIS Life Time Achievement Award (LTAA) recognizes a lifetime of distinguished achievement, and outstanding contribution to the advancement of the art, science and industrial practice of Interface and Colloid Science together with participation in IACIS. The Award is presented once every three years at the IACIS Conference. The Award Winner will receive a (framed) certificate together with a citation (see below) and will be invited to give a plenary Award Lecture during the IACIS Conference. He or she will receive a contribution for his/her travel expenses to attend the IACIS Conference, the size of the contribution depending on the financial means of IACIS. The Award will not be conferred posthumously.



The LTAA was established by Council on Jan 26, 2010 to replace the previous “IACIS Lectureship”. The establishment of the IACIS lectureship had been agreed at the meeting of Council in Sofia in 1997. The concept and purpose were similar in that both the lectureship and the LTAA have the intention to honour persons who have established long-standing reputations in our field, but have also made significant contribution to IACIS .It was felt that the title LTAA would better reflect the purpose of the award. For both awards, the recipient renders a lecture at the next IACIS triennial meeting, but for the lectureship there was no certificate awarded. Nominations for the lectureship were proposed each time by the then President (after discussion with the Standing Committee), and ratified by Council.

The 4 lectureship awards were as follows:
2009 New York Brian Vincent President 2003-2006
2006 Beijing Bob Hunter President 1992-1994
2003 Iguassu Falls Egon Matijevic Founding member and president 1983-1986
2000  Bristol Hans Lyklema Founding member

The  LTAA awards to date are:

2018 Rotterdam Helmuth Möhwald
2015 Berlin Björn Lindman President 2006-2009
2012 Sendai Tom Healy  Founding member

A special Committee will handle the nomination procedures and selection of the winner of the IACIS Award.


Composition of the IACIS Life Time Achievement Award Committee

The Chair of the Committee will be appointed by the Council for a period usually of two consecutive Conferences. The Committee further includes the Chair of the forthcoming IACIS Conference, and the Chairs of the past three IACIS Conferences.


Duties & Responsibilities

The Chair of the Committee will send out a Call for Nominations and see to the good progress of the nomination and selection procedures. After closure of the nomination period, the Committee will choose the Award recipient and the Award will be presented at the following Conference together with a Citation. The Committee reserves the right not to give an Award during any given year.


Nomination and selection procedures

All IACIS members are entitled to nominate candidates for the Award. No member may nominate more than one candidate. Candidates should have been members of IACIS for at least 3 years. Nominations together with a short motivation are to be forwarded to the Chairman of the Committee before the deadline mentioned in the Call for Nominations. Supporting information, such as a full CV of the nominee, is welcome. The Award recipient will be chosen from the nominees by voting by the Committee members, and a simple majority (more than half the votes) will give the outcome. If there are 3 (or more) nominees, and none of them gets a majority, voting is repeated, leaving out the nominee with the fewest votes. This is repeated until either a tie or a majority results. In case of a tie, the Chairman’s vote counts as two, thereby breaking the tie. Unsuccessful nominees shall have their nomination carried forward for two subsequent Conferences.

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