Membership and become a member


Membership is open to any person who is actively interested in colloid and interface science.
Members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Free copies of the Association’s Newsletter
  • A discount on the fee for the IACIS conferences and other international conferences sponsored by IACIS

Members are encouraged to contribute to the Newsletter.

Before you become a member or extend your membership, please read our privacy policy regulations here.

There are two ways to become a member of the IACIS:

  1. By attending a IACIS conference and choosing the option to become a member, then it is included in the conference fee.
  2. By contacting the membership administrator here. Then a link via which you can pay your contribution will be send to you.

The membership fee is 10 Euro per year. The financial year runs from September 1st, but fees paid after July 1st would cover the period until September of the following year. The membership fees have the sole purpose of covering mailing and office expenses and to provide financial means for the sponsoring activities.